Plungė Park

Parkai, Vartai. Dvarai, Plungė, Lietuva

We begin our route at the main gate of the park, located near Plungė District Tourism Information Centre. This Centre is established in the former house of the guard of Ogiński family manor. Near the gate there is a map of the park. Take a look at the sculptures of the two bears standing on the gate, holding the coat of arms of Ogiński family. Having entered through the gate go straight on the cobbled path through the park towards Ogiński family manor. Enjoy the views of the park, cascade ponds, old trees and bushes, planted in the turn between the 19th and 20th centuries, as well as the neorenaissance manor visible through the trees. Currently it hosts the Samogitian Art Museum. Inside the manor you can explore the reconstructed halls, Ogiński family portraits and exhibitions hosted at the museum. In the Northern part of the manor there is a neogothic red brick building – the stables of the Duke Michał Ogiński. At the front door of the manor you will see the flower garden with a stairway. Before going down take a look to the right and you will see a huge old oak of Perkūnas, standing near the path. You can come closer, perhaps even try to hug it and find the spot struck by lightning years ago. After taking the stairs down to the park go along Babrungas river and you will see a little red brick castle with a clock tower, built in romantic neogothic style – that is the Clock glasshouse, currently hosting Plungė Public Library. After visiting the Clock glasshouse, go to the red brick building staning a little further. It used to be the manor laundry. This is the last object on this route. Near the building there is another gate that will lead you to the street.

Taking this route you will walk 1.5 km and take about 2 h 40 min.

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