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Žymių žmonių atminties ženklai Tauragėje viršelis

Memorial Marks of Famous People in Tauragė

Tauragė is a border city, established near the old Hanseatic road, which used to connect Saint Petersburg, Riga and other cities with Western Europe. The city was the home of many famous people and even more of them have travelled by, including historical figures and world-famous writers. Locals have decorated the city squares with monuments and memorial boards in memory of those people, as well as named various objects after them.

There are 9 objects on the route
Kultūros paveldo ir istorijos ženklai Tauragės mieste viršelis

Marks of Cultural Heritage and History in Tauragė

Historical resources mention Tauragė for the first time in 1507. During the course of history, the geographic location of the border city was quite an advantage, especially in terms of trade, but the city and its surroundings also used to suffer more than other places during the war. In order to show the noble historical past of Tauragė and the cultural values that have survived to this day, we offer you a route of the Marks of Cultural Heritage and History in Tauragė. Take a walk and visit 10 objects.

There are 10 objects on the route
Jūros upės pakrantėmis viršelis

On the Banks of the Jūra River

The Jūra River, winding through Tauragė, flows out in Aukštasis Tyras upland moor not far from Jankaičiai village (Rietavas municipality) and flows into Nemunas River along Šereitlaukis village (Pagėgiai municipality). Jūra is the tenth longest river (171.8 km), flowing only in the territory of Lithuania.

There are 9 objects on the route
Silales atminties takais virselis

On the Paths of Šilalė Memory

The monument is located in the city central square, at the corner of J. Basanavičiaus and V. Kudirkos streets

There are 22 objects on the route
Maršruto viršelis

Neringa of Eduardas Jonušas

This route is dedicated to the memory of Eduardas Jonušas – the artist, museologist and cherisher of the heritage of the Curonian Spit. E. Jonušas is deservedly referred to as the symbol of the Curonian Spit. On this route you will get a better idea of this artist’s works and visit locations that he used to live and work in.

There are 3 objects on the route
Memel - hafen

The Ice-Free Port of Klaipėda

This route has been developed for the 360th anniversary of the sea trade – in 1657 the Duke of Prussia granted Memel (currently known as Klaipėda) the privilege of free trade. All European ports, including Klaipėda, feature the same three stages of historical development: Viking, Dutch and English. This route, featuring 18 major objects, will touch only a small share of the city’s marine history and present. The tour will start on Yachtsmen’s Embankment and finish near the pier in Kopgalis. The tour, including the ferry ride will take about 3 hours and we will walk around 5 km.

There are 9 objects on the route