Monument „Borussia“ (Borusija)

Coordinates: 55.709950 21.131421

Object address: Dane Square, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Municipality: Klaipėda

In 1907 on the ocassion of 100 years anniversary of victory over Napoleon there was unveiled the monument „Borussia“, which else was called National monument (Nationaldenkmal). Klaipėda at that time was the only Prussian city, which has not been ocuppied by Napoleon‘s army and in which Prussian King Frederick William III (German: Friedrich Wilhelm III) with the Queen Louise found refuge.    

The monument was raised in front of the City Hall – former merchant‘s Consentius house, where in 1807-1808 the royal couple lived and which had become the temporary residence of Prussia. The monument was created by sculptor professor Peter Breuer from Charlottenburg (Germany). The project was corrected by King William III himself; he also partcipated in the opening ceremony. 

Bronze four-meter-high statue was brought by train from Berlin. The woman in ancient clothes, with Roman helmet on her head symbolized Prussia (which in Latin was called „Borussia“). Sculpture Borussia held in its left hand a shield and a spear (a plate with the inscription „Borussia“ was attached to the spear), whereas in the right hand – a dagger. In the original model woman held the broken chain, symbolizing the liberation of the German people. However, the chain has been replaced with dagger. Borussia similar to the ancient Greek goddess Athena, was driven onto the cylindrical fluted granite pedestal, whereas this pedestal together with the sculpture – on a granite foundation. Cylindrical pedestal was decorated by the oval bas-reliefs. On one of them – portraits of Frederick William III (German: Friedrich Wilhelm III) and his wife Queen Louise, on the other – years „1807–1907“. Bronze garlands connected the ovals. In 1924 on the right side of the monument hermos stood: square cross-section granite pedestals, and on them – the busts of German generals and statesmen: (Friedrich Ferdinand Alexander, Karl August Fürst, Theodor von Schön, Gerhard von Scharnhorst, August Graf Neidhardt, Friedrich Leopold von Schrötter, Heinrich Friedrich Karl vom und zum Stein, Ludwig Yorck).

Former Klaipedians remember that monument „Borussia“ was overthrown in 1923 on April 8 at night. (Lietz G. und H. Unserer Abendteuerliches Leben, 1994). It was restored in 1939. There is evidence that in May 1945 this sculpture was still standing. In Soviet times the monument was destroyed. In photo of 1972 there is captured the pedestal of monument „Borussia“  in Taikos avenue at former Urban Construction Design Institute. Now in the place of „Borussia“ is Fisherman‘s monument.

Compiled in 2014

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