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Maršruto nuotrauka

The Bachmann manor: between dedication and intrigue

This route is tailored for travellers interested in the historical secrets of the region. Historians have not yet fully uncovered all of he secrets of the Bachmann Manor, but it can nevertheless still surprise you with its intriguing stories.

There are 11 objects on the route
Maršruto nuotrauka

The route of discoveries for families: an exciting journey through the history of the kingdom

There are 4 objects on the route
Maršruto nuotrauka

The Unseen Seaside

Once you reach your destination – the centre of Karklė, a former fishermen’s town, you will be greeted by the red brick building, housing the Visitor’s Centre of the Seaside Regional Park. Inside, you will be introduced to the park itself, e.g. where to find the cormorants and how they impact the ecosystem of the seaside, or where could one find the locations and objects of cultural and natural heritage within the park.Once you are well-informed and ready to continue your journey, walk down the path towards the seaside…

There are 4 objects on the route
Bažnyčios, Kulto Pastatai, Plungė, Lietuva

Sacred Places of Plungė

This route introduces the most important religious places of worship to Plunge.

There are 5 objects on the route
Paminklai, Klaipėda, Lietuva, Memel

Treading down the Walkways of Prussian Queen Louise

This route takes you on a journey to find all of the signs within the Old Town left by Queen Louise of Prussia.

There are 8 objects on the route
Parkai, Vartai. Dvarai, Plungė, Lietuva

Plungė Park

This route is a trip after visiting a major Park in the Park Plunges.

There are 6 objects on the route