Sacred Places of Plungė

Bažnyčios, Kulto Pastatai, Plungė, Lietuva

We begin our route at the monument for St. Florian, standing in the intersection between Laisvės avenue and Vytautas street near the building of Plungė Municipality. After getting to know the history of this monument, we continue to the Church of St. John the Baptist. Inside the church take a look at the sculpture of the St. Virgin Mary. In 1905 this sculpture was brought to the Lourde from France, but ended up in the church during the Soviet era. In the churchyard you will see the foundations and altar of the former wooden church, densely planted with thujas. Then move on to the belfry and get to know its history. After visiting the belfry turn right and continue on Birutės street until you reach the old Plungė Cemetery. In the cemetery there is the huge Chapel of All Saints. Take a walk around and notice the basement, which used to be the final resting place of the nobility. The door that was used for bringing the dead to the basement is on the other side of the chapel. The walls of the chapel feature small niches, which used to hold marble plates with names of the nobility buried here. Only some of these plates remain there to this day. The dead were buried at the cemetery and the basement was cleaned. Continue on Birutės street along the pond referred to as Plungė Sea and you will see the Lourde. People come here to light a candle and pray. Taking a turn above the Lourde you will find the foundations of the former Capuchin Church.

Taking this route you will walk 1.8 km and take about 1 h.

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