The Kretinga Manor Greenhouse

Coordinates: 55.899862 21.247104

Object address: 31 Vilniaus st., Kretinga

Municipality: Kretinga district

The Tiškevičius family is responsible for the expansion of the greenhouse farms. Unfortunately, only one greenhouse remains, which is the structure at the crossroads near the Tiškevičius Manor Garage. A spice garden can be found just west of the greenhouse.
It was built sometime in the 19th or 20th century. The greenhouse had outbuildings on both sides, which served as sheds for tools and other greenhouse equipment. Since the greenhouse was built with an integrated heating system, the furnace stood in one of the nearby outbuildings. The greenhouse was a rectangular single floor structure.
The greenhouse outbuildings and the former boiler room were renovated in 2011–2013. The Centre for Traditional Crafts of the Kretinga Museum was opened at this location in Spring of 2013. It hosts various educational programmes and houses the cash desk. It also serves as the starting point for tours around the manor.
Only a part of the former greenhouse was rebuilt because the other part of it was privatised and is now gradually falling apart. Both of the sections of the greenhouse are a state-protected.


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