The Kretinga Manor Brewery and Spirit Distillery

Coordinates: 55.901141 21.247781

Object address: Salantų street 3, Padvariai village, Kretinga district, Lithuania

Municipality: Kretinga district

The Brewery and Spirit Distillery is a rectangular stone building, which was constructed sometime in the 18th century. Dirt mounds on both sides of the building serve as walls. The cellar area can be found in the lower part of the building. The upper part of the building was reconstructed, adding an attic to the entire structure, in the first half of the 20th century. The brewery also had a spirit distillery and rooms for storing flour and for drying and fermenting malt. The last room belonged to the maker of vodka. A barn was built at the end of the building.

The vodka that the brewery produced was sold in and around Kretinga as well as in the inn in front of the manor. The pigs that lived in the nearby pigsty were fed whatever scraps were left over after the production.

The spirit distillery was later converted into a storage room for beverages. The building was reconstructed in 1988 and housed a bar called the Green Waterfall. Once the funding is sorted, there are plans to set up an exhibit in the cellar, which would retell the history of the brewery. There are also plans for the first floor to be converted into a conference hall.

The Brewery and Spirit Distillery is a state-protected cultural heritage. It belongs to the complex of the Kretinga Manor Farmstead.

Suorce: Kretingos enciklopedija

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