The Kretinga Evangelical Lutheran Church

Coordinates: 55.888417 21.243195

Object address: Rotušės square 8, Kretinga, Lithuania

Municipality: Kretinga district

Ca. 1851, the Evangelical Lutheran community of Kretinga purchased a two floor brick building in the centre of the city. More specifically, it lies at the south-eastern corner of the City Hall Square. The wooden church at Kartenos st. (present day Vytauto st.) was burnt down, so the community of believers started organising services in the new building in 1854. Later, the structure was rebuilt into a single-tower church.

In 1889, another fire devastated the church. However, ten years later, Johann Straumann organised the construction of a new brick church at the eastern part of the City Hall Square. The author of the project is unknown. It is a Neo-Gothic church, built from unplastered stone. It has a three-fold nave. The church is famous for its organ, which was built by Johann Preuss in 1785, in Königsberg.

In 2005, the Kretinga Evangelical Lutheran Church was declared a state-protected cultural heritage. It is a part of the Kretinga Evangelical Lutheran Church Building Complex.

Source: Kretingos enciklopedija

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