The Fence and Gates of the New Kretinga Parish Cemetery (II Old Cemetery)

Coordinates: 55.893831 21.244299

Object address: Vilnius st., Kretinga

Municipality: Kretinga district

The chapel and mausoleum of the Tiškevičius family, the fence around the cemetery, and the southern and northern gates can be found in the new cemetery (II old cemetery) of the Kretinga parish, on Vilniaus st., and all are a part of the state-protected complex.
The fence and gates were designed by J. Padlewski, a high-class Polish architect from Saint Petersburg, Russia. He also designed the Palanga Church gates. Padlewski chose two completely different variants of gates for the Kretinga Cemetery. The southern cemetery gates are designed based on the style of Neo-Marianism, while the northern, or mausoleum, gates were based on the Neo-Gothic style of architecture, which complemented the style of the church very well.
The northern gates were built in 1913. The gates are a three-piece structure with an open middle gate and two tower side gates. Looking from the perspective of Vilnius st., one can see a relief plaque encased in concrete above the left side of the gates, which says ANNO DOMINI, which means the year of the Lord, and the plaque on the right says MCMXIII. meaning 1913.
The southern cemetery gates were built in 1913. Unlike the northern gates, these have only one opening. However, it still looks grand due to its two large pillars, joining together in a three-step pediment to form an arch. The steps of the pediment emphasise the monolithic relief. The following is written at the top of the structure: 1913 / DEUS SPES NOSTRA, meaning 1913, God is our hope. A massive concrete cross is placed on top of the structure.
The red brick fence is built upon a stone and brick base. Its top is covered with a double pitched roof. The northern and southern gates are found at the north-western part of the cemetery, while a building of unknown origin lies at the south-western corner.


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