The dunes and sandy meadows (landscape observation place)

Coordinates: 55.865062 21.064267

Object address: Nemirseta, Palanga city, Lithuania

Municipality: Palanga

The impressive hilly terrain of Nemirseta dunes mesmerises all its visitors. The impression grows stronger knowing that all this was formed by the nature with minimum human impact.

What makes the surroundings of Nemirseta valuable is the natural diversity and the opportunity to observe various landscapes in a relatively close distance: protective coastal dune ridge, the ancient slope of the Littorina Sea, parabolic dune ridge and undulating sandy plain with moist dune slacks. The Littorina Sea shore rising about 15 m above the sea level is a great place for observing the landscape of the seaside with with dunes, beaches, groves and the Baltic Sea stretching to the horizon. A great variety of plants common both to dunes and forests, makes this place particularly suitable for cognitive purposes.

Parabolic dunes and sandy meadows of Nemirseta are characterised by unique vegetation communities. There are several types of plants that belong to the orchid family (dark red helleborine, western marsh orchid, green-winged orchid, lesser butterfly-orchid), endemic Eastern Baltic coastal plants, such as Tragopogon Heterospermus, Alyssum Montanum (also known as Mountain Gold), beach peas, etc. The observation place built near the bicycle route creates an opportunity to enjoy the impressive seaside landscape.

Interestingly, people not always were able to access the nature in this beautiful corner of the seaside. During the soviet era this territory belonged to a military base and the sandy landscape was turned into a tank training area. Today it is a particularly popular coastal area, successfully blending people’s recreational needs and environmental interests of preserving species and landscapes. This area belongs to the Natura 2000 network and is protected by the EU.

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