Monument to Queen Louise (Luise)

Coordinates: 55.752612 21.139619

Object address: Tauralaukis, Klaipeda, Lithuania

Municipality: Klaipėda

The Prussian royal couple (King Friedrich Wilhelm III and Queen Louise) in 1807–1808 having settled in Klaipėda, tried to familiarize with city‘s environs. The royal couple often used to come here for a walk, to go visiting hospitable population. Later there was planted an oak in memory of queen and it was named Queen Louise name.

On 3 August 1807 it was celebrated Prussian King‘s Friedrich Wilhelm‘s III birthday, in memory of which there was built an obelisk with the inscription: „Dem Andenken des 3. August 1807.“

In 1900 Pagražinimo sąjunga (the Adornment Union) instead the obelisk, which has fallen down, built a monument to Queen Louise. Over a pile of stones, in which there were bricked as well stones from the former monument, arose an asymmetrical granite slab with bronze relief portrait of Queen. It was about a meter high stone with relief drawings and a writing on the right side: „Remembrance of 3 August 1807“. On the back side of the monument there was recorded: „It was renewed by the Adornment Union. 3rd August 1900“. Memorial stone was surrounded by an iron fence.

The monument was demolished in about 1960.   

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