Klaipėda Radio and Television Station

Coordinates: 55.768328 21.096915

Object address: Vasarotojų g. 2B, Klaipeda (Giruliai), Lithuania

Municipality: Klaipėda

Klaipėda Radio and Television Station, also referred to as Giruliai Tower, was built in 1957. The 202 m-high tower with the altitude of 25 m is owned by the Lithuanian Radio and Television Centre.
At first it used to relay radio stations and later – Lithuanian television. On the top of the tower there are mobile communication antennas, which cover a small area. The tower is mostly used for radio and television relay, but is also used as a wireless internet tower.
The tower was renamed into Klaipėda Transmission Service. The technical equipment was renewed too, enabling the tower to transmit digital television programmes. This equipment can relay up to 40 programmes. Aside from its main function – relaying of all radio and television programmes available in Lithuania – the station also provides wireless internet services.

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