Karklė Cemetery (the former Cemetery of the Drowned)

Coordinates: 55.807380 21.066624

Object address: Karklė village, Klaipėda district, Lithuania

Municipality: Klaipėda district

Burials at the first old cemetery of Karklė are limited and the cemetery itself is included into the Register of Cultural Properties. It had different names too – the locals referred to the cemetery as the Linden cemetery or the Cemetery of the Drowned, because more than a century ago it was the place for burying the victims of the sea washed ashore. This cemetery was famous for its cast and forged crosses and tablets, as well as modest granite or marble tablets. After the war some of the villagers left the country, others were exiled, thus the cemetery was left almost unattended. A pile of crosses without owners along the fence also reminds of that period of time. Currently the local community is doing their best to take care of the cemetery and restore its cultural identity, while the crosses, tombstones and tablets without graves will be put on an exposition.

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