Bunker of the Power Plant of „Memel-Nord“

Coordinates: 55.777689 21.073719

Object address: Pamario street, Kukuliškiai village, Klaipėda district, Lithuania

Municipality: Klaipėda district

The bunkers during in 1939 constructions of the entire complex of the battery were built. Electricity was supplied to the entire complex of Memel-Nord Coastal Artillery Battery from this bunker. Ammunition for guns of Memel-Nord Coastal Artillery Battery was stored in this bunker.
Information on these secret military objects is scarce. It is known that they were built at the beginning of the World War II. In March 1939, after Klaipėda region was attached to Germany, in preparations to march East, Germans started building a naval port and coastal fortifications. The coastal defence fort North of the Dutchman’s Cap was most likely built and equipped circa 1940, when the USSR occupied Lithuania and thus moved closer to the Northern border of Germany.
The fortifications were supposed to be equipped according to the typical standards. The forts near Klaipėda consisted of nine reinforced concrete installations, connected by underground tunnels. From the outside the entrances were covered by barbed fencing barriers, while the forts were armed with cannons and machine guns. The officers and soldiers of the artillery base were accommodated in Giruliai and later a sanatorium for artillery forces was opened there. No more forts of this type were built after the World War II.
The object is marked with a military heritage symbol.

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