Coordinates: 55.891376 21.241236

Object address: Vilniaus street 1 / Akmenes streeet 31, Kretinga, Lithuania

Municipality: Kretinga district

During the interwar period, the branch of the Lithuanian Bank was established in an office complex in Kretinga City Hall Square. Notary Jonas Kentra was the owner of the complex and was renting it out to the bank. The offices were rather small, so the premises were often crowded and thus very crammed.
The bank eventually decided to purchase a lot in the centre of the city. It used to belong to the Franciscan community. Mykolas Songaila is the architect behind the building project. It was designed based on the architectural styles of Functionalism and Neo-Classicism.
Construction works were started in 1938 and the plan was to finish by July 1st, 1939. However, construction works were delayed due to the German-initiated annexation of the Klaipėda region. Construction works were eventually finished in July of 1940. The building was reconstructed for the bank’s 50th birthday. Restoration works were carried out based on the restoration project of Edmundas Giedrimas.
The first floor was specifically designed to house a large and reliable safe and depository as well as a spacious hall of operations. The bank decided to organise a competition, the winner of which would have the honour of decorating the hall of operations. Petras Kalpokas was announced the winner for his outstanding triptych entitled Landscape of the Industrial Lithuanian Village / Morning / Fishermen. Several war-related factors caused a lot of damage to the paintings. In fact, they were very close to being completely destroyed. However, they were restored in 1986 and 1987.
The bank building is the only remaining historical monument connected to banking in Kretinga. The Bank Building Complex is a state-protected cultural heritage.

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