About guide

Travel, discover and know Klaipėda, Kretinga, Plungė, Šilutė, Palanga cities and their regions using interactive Guide to Regional Heritage and an App!

This Guide can be a partner and helper for traveler, teacher, lecturer, tour guide, existing or future inhabitant of Klaipėda, Kretinga, Plungė, Šilutė and Palanga. In this Guide you will find information about current and past cultural monuments of cities and their regions and objects of cultural heritage, testifying history of the regions.

Guide is freely available to the public and adapted to use by smart phones, tablets and PC. It provides information in Lithuanian, German, Russian, and English languages.

Places of sculptures, monuments, buildings, streets, squares and other objects which shall be visited are marked in the interactive map of Guide to Regional Heritage. Choose the place which may interest you and know more about it having read description and seen digital images, video records.

Klaipėda Heritage guide – the App we created in 2016. This App is for the traveler who wants to experience routes from Guide to Regional Heritage and also it is very convenient because you can travel using the App without internet connection.

We invite you to spend your leisure time thoughtfully while travelling under routes which we have created.

All projects are partly financed by the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Lithuania, Klaipėda City Municipality and Lithuanian Council for Culture and Martynas Mazvydas Nacional Library of Lithuania.


Contacts for information about content (objects, route, etc.):                                    

Regional Studies and Digitization Department
E-mail: krastotyra@klavb.lt
Phone: +370 46 314189

Klaipeda County I. Simonaityte Public Library
Herkaus Manto 25, Klaipeda LT-92234, Lithuania