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Šilalė Vladas Statkevičius Museum

Koordinatės: 55.490605, 22.181422
Objekto adresas: S. Gaudėšiaus st. 4, Šilalė, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Bezirk Šilalė

The museum is located in the city centre, at the former Aušra cinema.
Šilalė Regional Museum was established in 1962 with the establishment of Šilalė Department of the Lithuanian Society of Regional Studies. In 1994, the museum was granted the status of Šilalė Regional Museum. On 1 October 2005, the Municipality Council established a budget institution of Šilalė Regional Museum as an individual legal entity. The museum was named after the researcher Vladas Statkevičius only on 27 July 2006. Currently (2018), Vladas Statkevičius Museum holds more than 21 000 exhibits. Vladas Statkevičius was a famous researcher, archaeologist, ethnographic researcher, practitioner, photographer, historian and publisher. The museum exhibits about 600 archaeological and ethnographic objects. Other valuables are kept at the museum funds.
These include neolithic stone axes, weapons and various jewellery (brass rings, brooches, armrings, remains of iron spear tips and swords), domestic items, craftsmen's tools, footwear and means of lighting.
The exhibition halls of the museum host exhibitions of various artists, folk artists and pupils. The museum also hosts various events: ethnographic exhibitions, dedicated to prominent people from Tauragė region, historical dates or national holidays, also meetings with local artists, knitters, weavers, wood carvers, etc. Pupils can participate in educational activities, as well as discussions on the traditions, customs and cultural heritage of our region.

 Compiled in 2019

Submitted: Šilalės rajono savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka | J. Basanavičiaus g. 15, LT-75138 Šilalė | info@silalesbiblioteka.lt | http://www.silalesbiblioteka.lt

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    Šilalės Vlado Statkevičiaus muziejus : [skaitmeninė nuotrauka] / Rima Norvilienė. - Šilalė, 2018. - 1 vaizdas

    Source: Šilalės rajono savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka, Kraštotyros ir bibliografijos fondas

    Publisher: Šilalės rajono savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka

    Contributor: Šilalės rajono savivaldybės viešoji biblioteka

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    Šilalės Vlado Statkevičiaus muziejus