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Defensive fortification – the pillbox

Koordinatės: 55.247982520714515, 22.283900822090118
Objekto adresas: Prezident street 1, Taurage, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Bezirk Tauragė

On the eve of World War II, Soviet troops built the so-called Molotov Line – a system of defensive fortifications – along the border between the Soviet Union and Germany. Tauragė has always been sitting on the border and thus was included into the stretch of the fortifications, distributed along Jūra and Šešuvis rivers. A large number of these fortifications, referred to as the pillboxes, survived to this day.
One of these fortifications – a concrete pillbox, fit for one machine gun, is located on a steep edge of the valley of Jūra river, not far from Tauragė Holy Trinity Catholic Church, along the end of Prezidento Street. Although never completed, the construction was used on the very first day of the war on 22 June 1941, showing marks of shooting and resistance. Six soldiers of the 125th riflemen's division of the Soviet Army had died in the bunker.
On the fateful night of 22 June, the concrete fortifications sheltered only a small share of the border troops. They didn't get any support from other units, because there was simply no one to call for. Thus, the Molotov Line didn't really help much in the border battles – on the contrary. German troops would simply walk around these defensive fortifications and then send their storming groups to destroy them.
Near the pillbox that remained in Tauragė, there is an observation deck, opening to a beautiful view to the Valley of Jūra River.

Compiled in 2018

Submitted: Tauragės rajono savivaldybės Birutės Baltrušaitytės viešoji biblioteka | Respublikos g. 3, LT - 72252, Tauragė | tsvb@tauragevb.lt | http://www.tauragevb.lt

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    Gynybinis statinys – dotas : [skaitmeninė nuotrauka] / Žaneta Maziliauskienė. - Tauragė, 2018. - 1 vaizdas

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    Gynybinis statinys – dotas