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Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre

Koordinatės: 55.542295, 21.121396
Objekto adresas: L. Rėzos Street 8B, Juodkrante, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Neringa

The red brick building, typical of East Prussia, was built in 1902-1903 and became a new school. The school had only one class of 60 pupils with only one teacher, who was referred to as precentor, because he was also the organ master.
On the first day of September 1947, the old red brick single-storey school was named Klaipėda’s 12th Primary School and was managed by Klaipėda City People's Education Department. With time the school grew, changed and was increased by adding a second floor.
On 2 January 1962, the school became Neringa City’s 2nd Eight-Year School.
In 1966, the old school was once more increased by adding a white-brick wing with a sports hall. The school has changed its name numerous times during all kinds of educational reforms, but kept growing.
In 1994, the school was named after Liudvikas Rėza.
In 1996-2000, the building was reconstructed. The school became even bigger, more beautiful, while the old building was returned to its former one-storey shape.
In 2003, 100 years since the construction of the school, its purpose changed – the building now hosted the Juodkrantė Exhibition House.
On 22 January 2007, Juodkrantė Exhibition House and Juodkrantė Culture House were joined and reorganised into a Culture Centre, named after Liudvikas Rėza. The centre hosts various historical, as well as modern and old art exhibitions, featuring the works of Lithuanian and foreign artists. It also organises cultural events, such as traditional celebrations, official state memorial events, concerts, thematic evenings, meetings, lectures, conferences, educational activities for children and youth, as well as implements of various cultural and educational projects.
2008 marked the foundation of academic curatorium (Council) of Liudvikas Rėza Culture Centre, researching the heritage of Martynas Liudvikas Rėza.
The Centre features a permanent historical exposition, dedicated to the prominent personality of Martynas Liudvikas Rėza and the history of Juodkrantė.

Compiled in 2018

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    Liudviko Rėzos kultūros centro pastatas : [skaitmeninė nuotrauka] / Ingrida Valotkienė. - Juodkrantė, 2018.08.11. - 1 vaizdas

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    Liudviko Rėzos kultūros centro pastatas