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The Herald of Freedom monument

Koordinatės: 55.490038, 22.187196
Objekto adresas: J. Basanavičiaus and Nepriklausomybės Street, Silale, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Bezirk Šilalė

The modern monument, called the Herald of Freedom, located near the historical oak on the corner of J. Basanavičiaus and Nepriklausomybės streets, is dedicated to 11 March of 1990. The idea to build the Herald of Freedom was born in 1990, right after the 11 March, and was implemented by the sculptor Kazimieras Kisielius. The commemoration of independence took eight whole years until the idea finally acquired a material body. The foundation of the monument, under which there is also a time capsule with a Testament for the Future Generations, was consecrated in 1993 and the Herald of Freedom – in 1998.
On 17 July 1993, Šilalė celebrated the 460th anniversary of the construction of the first church.
Locals and city guests gathered to the oak of Independence to participate at the consecration ceremony of the cornerstone of the future monument for Freedom. Algimantas Špečkauskas, Head of the Department of City Management, read the Testament for the Future Generations. This document, featuring signatures of Šilalė citizens, has been put into the foundation of the Herald of Freedom.
The Testament says:
'The Lithuanian nation never came to terms with occupation and the loss of its statehood. Thousands of our sons and daughters struggled and suffered in exile or sacrificed their lives for Lithuania's Freedom and Independence. Their struggle bore fruit and on 11 March 1990 Lithuania restored its statehood.
Today we celebrate the 460th anniversary of Šilalė. Here, in front of the Oak of Independence, planted by our parents and grandparents in 1928 during the 10th anniversary of the Lithuanian Independence, we prepared a place for the monument of the Herald of Freedom, created by the sculptor K. Kisielius in memory of the restoration of Lithuanian statehood. On this day of consecration of the cornerstone of the monument's pedestal, we tell you, our descendants: may this monument stand here forever, bearing witness of our struggle, and with this testament we leave you the greatest inheritance of all – FREEDOM. Carry the memory of those, who fought for it, for generations and be the Herald of Freedom, teaching that Freedom must be cherished and protected.
May God help you!
Šilalė, 17 July 1993'
The testament was signed by more than 100 people, who donated funds for the construction of the monument.
The metal angel, carrying a trumpet invites the Samogitians to shake off the foreign yoke and become free both in body and spirit, protecting the freedom, achieved on 11 March.

Compiled in 2018

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