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Monument in memoriam of crew of the yacht "Budys"

In 1924 Klaipėda division of Lithuania Sea Scouts Organization was established. Soon by order of the captain Liudvikas Stulpinas the rowing and sailing boats were received, it was started to organize rowing races, sailing regattas in Curonian Lagoon. In 1926 the sailer was acquired. After repair it became the first Lithuanian Sea Scouts yacht. The name „Budys“ was given to the yacht – from scouts slogan „Budėk“ („Be on watch“). On 15 July 1933 after starting to sail to Riga the storm precipitated the yacht on the northern mole of Klaipėda port. Shipwreck occured. Three sea scouts lost their lives: V. Amulevičius, E. Jasiukevičius and V. Šidlauskas.

All those, who sympathized to sailing, outlived the wreck of „Budys“ and death of three crew members very painfully. A large group of enthusiasts gained skills of sea voyages on this ship, some of them graduated to seasoned sailing aces. Later its name got two new Hai type yachts „Budys I“ and „Budys II“. In the place of yacht wreck on the mole there are built anchor and a memorial plaque.

Submitted: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I.Simonaitytės biblioteka | http://www.klavb.lt/lt/
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    Paminklas sudužusios jachtos „Budys” įgulai : nuotrauka / Nina Smirnova. - Klaipėda, [2007]. - 1 nuotrauka

    Source: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka, Foto-video archyvas

    Publisher: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka

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    Paminklas sudužusios jachtos „Budys” įgulai