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Paul Lindenau Shipyard Complex

Koordinatės: 55.705655, 21.125736
Objekto adresas: Priešpilio gatvė, Klaipėda, Lietuva
Savivaldybė: Klaipeda

Before World War I, the equipment of Klaipėda's shipbuilders was purchased by Paul Lindenau, a ship building engineer, originating from Vėluva (Ger. Wehlau), who fully took over the territory in 1918. In 1919, he established a shipyard, called Klaipėda Lindenau & Cie. Shipyard, Iron and Wood Ship Building, Machinery Factory and Smelting House (Ger. Schiffswerft Memel Lindenau & Cie., Eizen- und Holzschiffbau, Maschinenfabrik und Giesserei). The complex of P. Lindenau shipyard consists of a body workshop, technological bridge, a pipe workshop and smelting house, a boat and yacht workshop, as well as boatyard with a slip. The main constructor and engineer of the company was the owner Paul Lindenau himself.
His shipyard built metal and wooden ships, there was also a machinery factory and a smelting house. The shipyard produced marine cargo steamboats, sailboats, fishing steamboats and motorboats, as well as paddle steamers and screw steamers. In 1922, this shipyard produced the first sea-going vessel of iron – the cargo steamboat, named Cattaro.
The slipway, built in 1937-1938, is a part of Paul Lindenau Shipyard Complex.
As of the mid. 1930s, with increasing demand for new ships in the international market, P. Lindenau had expanded his company equipment as well. In 1938-1938 P. Lindenau Shipyard produced the largest ship in Klaipėda – the 2947 GRT passenger vessel HELGOLAND for HAPAG Company.
In 1944, Lindenau Shipyard evacuated to Gotenhafen (Gdynia) and later – to Kiel.
A ship repair company started working in the same territory again since 1945. 

The object is marked maritime heritage brand. This mark includes objects related to the sea heritage – buildings and places of former buildings, quays, trails, ships and others. The aim is to emphasize the distinctive nature of Klaipeda as a maritime city. At the same time, the face of Lithuania as a maritime state is also highlighted.

Compiled in 2018

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