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Riflemen's house

Koordinatės: 55.717291, 21.130235
Objekto adresas: Šaulių Street 36, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Klaipeda

Riflemen's organisation was established in Klaipėda in the late 17th c. After the Seven Years' War it was disbanded, but in 1838 the riflemen renewed their activity. In 1843 the organisation was granted the rights of a corporation. Later Klaipėda's Riflemen became the largest organisation of that time in the entire Germany.
In 1841 the riflemen acquired a large plot of land, situated between current Šaulių (former Schützenstrasse) and S. Nėries streets, establishing their rifle-range. Later they have built a building with an auxiliary wing near Šaulių Street, which became the organisation's headquarters. Behind the building there was a garden with an orchestral stage and a glass pavilion. In 1878 the rifle-range was reconstructed. At the same time the organisation had rebuilt the entire building, which was now decorated with moulding and equipped with a large hall with a stage. The hall at the Riflemen's House was the largest concert hall in the city at that time. There also was a smaller ballroom. The primary purpose of the Riflemen's House was to host the events of the Riflemen's Guild. There were only several exceptional cases, when the Guild allowed to use their premises with the garden to the Firefighters' Society for hosting their military orchestra concerts. The Riflemen's House and garden used to host massive festivities and shooting tournaments. The hall could be rented by the citizens as well.
During the Soviet era the building had become the Officers' House, hosting active cultural activities, characteristic to those times. As of 1991 these premises were transferred to the Musical Centre. In 2004 the building had undergone major renovations. As of April 2005 it was reopened as Klaipėda Concert Hall.

In 2017 the regalia of Memel Riflemen's Guild were transferred to Klaipėda County I. Simonaitytė Public Library.

Submitted: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I.Simonaitytės biblioteka | http://www.klavb.lt/lt/

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    Memel. Schützenhaus [Grafika] : [atvirukas]. - Memel : Verlag H. Reich, Bau- u. Kunstglaserei, [19??]. - 1 atvirukas

    Source: Klaipėda; Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka, AdM archyvas

    Publisher: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka

    Contributor: Klaipėdos apskrities viešoji I. Simonaitytės biblioteka

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    Memel. Schützenhaus