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Craftsmen's house

Koordinatės: 55.712734, 21.127364
Objekto adresas: Puodžių Street 11, Klaipeda, Lithuania
Savivaldybė: Klaipeda

The craftsmen's house (Puodžių Street 11) was built in the late 18th–early 19th c. It is a typical example of classicism and one of a few authentic buildings remaining in the city. During the years of war, the house, which belonged to a wealthy craftsman for centuries, was taken over by German troops, later – the Soviet authorities and thus it stood in the city centre completely unused for almost one quarter of a century.
The first written data about the owner of the plot on Puodžių Street 11 dates back to 18th c. documents. In 1768 the lists of land plots in the city features the name of the landowner Zingelmann. It remains unknown what was Zingelmann's craft, but he might have been a wealthy craftsman. In 1840 the land was owned by a master butcher Gotfryd Steinverder, who paid the city a fee of 300 thalers.
In the early 20th c. the building was owned by the master woodworker Zabrovski, who also had a coffin shop. In 1929–1935 the property was owned by various organisations and associations: Gemeinschaftsverein Elbing, Preussische Gemeinschaft-Verein. In 1939 the building belonged to the Hospital authorities and was used as the Navy's Hospital. According to an address book of 1942, the property was owned by Klaipėda's Christian Community (Christal. Gemeinschaft Memel). The building was also used as a hospital after the war. After the restoration of Lithuania's independence, the buildings of the military hospital were soon emptied out.
In 2013 the building has undergone restoration, preserving its authentic details. The yard gate, the stairway into the house, the main door and decorative lion heads, handles, locks, as well as the impressive ring of wooden stairway inside the house and unseen window shutter constructions – all that was restored or remade according to remaining authentic details. After the restoration, in 2014, the building opened its door as the Outpatient-Consultation Psychiatric Unit of Klaipėda State Hospital. The building is included into the list of objects of cultural heritage.

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    Pastatas Puodžių g. 11