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Victoria Hotel

Victoria Hotel was opened in 1881. At that time, it was a beautiful and elegant building on Palangos/Polangen Street. The origins of the building date back to the Weisses Ross Tavern. At the end of the nineteenth century, the tavern was reconstructed and expanded, thus becoming Victoria Hotel.
This hotel was the centre of Klaipeda’s public and cultural life for a long time.
The hotel’s carriages and cars later, used to wait at the docks and the railroad station to drive the clients to the hotel as fast and as comfortable as possible; the same service was provided to clients checking out of the hotel as well. Victoria Hotel had a large dining hall, which used to host various feasts, concerts, lectures and exhibition displays. The second reconstruction took place in 1922, while in 1938 the hotel had central heating, a bathroom on each floor and a mechanical washing machine not only for doing the guests’ laundry, but offering the service to the locals as well. Nearby the hotel there also was a gas station.
These buildings were neglected for a long time, but currently (2017) they have been undergoing reconstructions with an aim to open a new hotel here.

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    Victoria-Hotel [Grafika] : [fotografija]. - [S.l.] : [s.n.], [19--]. - 1 fotografija ; 10,4 x 14,7 cm. - Antr. vertimas: Viešbutis "Victoria". - Fotografavimo data: 1950-1960 m.. - Nespalvota fotografija. - Rankraštis pieštuku antroje pusėje


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